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Lifehouse facilities and residents are in need of support in a variety of ways. Our building will require maintenance and improvements. Our residents may need professional assistance in a variety of areas, and you may be able to assist them. These services could include legal, financial, medical, etc. Services are listed below:

Volunteer Needs Include:

You, or your business, may be able to support Lifehouse!


Life Skills

Bible Study

Share Your Story

and more

For more information contact Linda 575-725-5552 ext. 714

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Business Partners
for Employment

To help our residents gain employment quickly and sustainably, we are creating partnerships with local businesses. If your business would like to partner with Lifehouse, please contact us, or download the PDF below.


Our program gives residents necessary tools to function well in many areas. We will offer instruction in life skills, (relationships, parenting, hygiene, cooking, shopping, etc.), financial skills, job skills, and spirituality. If you would like to teach residents the skills listed above, please download the PDF below.


Each resident will be assigned a mentor to demonstrate how to live a healthy life. Each mentor will only be assigned to one resident. Mentors will go through a training process, and need to spend at least 1 hour each week with the assigned resident. If you would like to become a mentor, please download the PDF below.

Work Days

Periodically, we may need help with a project at the houses, or in conjunction with the program. This could include getting a house ready for residents, assisting with fundraising, or raising awareness. If you would like to participate, please download the PDF below.

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