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Medically Assisted Detox

Location: 1900 Westridge Dr., Carlsbad, NM

Admission Hours*:

Mon - Fri: 5AM – 5:30PM

Saturday: 5AM – 12PM

(*Admission is subject to medical and psychological evaluation. Admission hours are subject to the availability of pharmacy services)

Coverage: This service is covered by Medicaid and most major insurances.

Detox is about managing withdrawal symptoms and the withdrawal process safely. We make the process as comfortable as possible. Medical professionals supervise detox and monitor the patient's physical and mental health throughout the detoxification process.

At Lifehouse, you're never alone in your recovery journey. Each resident is paired with a supportive peer worker who will guide and assist them. Residents also have the opportunity to attend daily peer-led groups, where they can address challenges and learn valuable recovery skills.
Residents can take walks by the Pecos River, enjoy stretch breaks, read books, and play board games. Healthy and nourishing meals are provided throughout the day so residents can focus on recovery.

Residential Treatment

Screening hours: 6AM to 10PM

Coverage: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances; state funding for most uninsured.


For adults over the age of 18 and mothers with young children.

Our Accredited Residential Treatment (sometimes referred to as "rehab") is a program designed for individuals who are struggling with persistent substance use. We provide a safe and structured environment where Residents can do the vital work of taking control of their lives.

Residents work closely with their care team to develop and implement an action plan tailored to their needs and goals. This program also includes individual and group counseling and access to primary medical services.

Residential Treatment also provides transportation to outside treatment programs, such as off-campus AA or NA meetings, and residents can access a range of recreational activities and amenities. Recreation options include walks by the Pecos River, board games, arts and crafts, reading, workout equipment, and more.

​Avalon – Residential Treatment for Mothers with Children kindergarten age and younger:

Lifehouse has become a leader in providing services to mothers in recovery. This service is rarely offered in the state. This program allows mothers to get the help they need while maintaining custody of their children.

​Avalon's facilities include a dedicated daycare program with a full playground and playroom. Childcare is provided while mothers work with their care team to learn a new way of living, including caring for their children.

Residential Treatment
Sober Living

Sober Living

Carlsbad Men's Home

Carlsbad Women's Home

Carlsbad Women with Children's Home

Artesia Men's Home

Sober Living provides accountability and support while residents learn and practice a new way of life without drugs and alcohol.

Each sober living home is overseen by a house manager who is also a peer support worker. Residents regularly meet with their peer support workers individually and as a group.

Residents are encouraged to work towards developing essential life skills such as managing personal finances, proper nutrition, maintaining employment, and other practical life skills. This focus on personal growth and development offers a practical and motivating path toward a sober lifestyle.

This program requires a 6-month commitment but is available as long as the resident needs. Residents live in a structured environment where they begin to pay for their housing ($135 per week) and food costs ($35 per week), care for their home, and prepare meals as part of their transition into the life they have worked hard to build.

Coverage: This service is self-pay and is not covered by insurance.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient

Location: 1900 Westridge Dr., Carlsbad, NM

Coverage: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances; state funding for most uninsured.

Group Therapy:

Mon, Tue, and Fri

5:30PM - 8:30PM

The Lifehouse Intensive outpatient treatment program offers support and therapy for individuals struggling with addiction while allowing them to continue living at home and engaging in their daily lives. We understand that some may require support without the need for inpatient services. In such cases, this option is an excellent choice for providing the support needed to do the vital work of taking control of their lives.

​The goal of intensive outpatient treatment is to provide individuals with the skills and tools they need to achieve and maintain a healthier way of living life while also addressing the underlying emotional and psychological issues that may have contributed to their challenges.

​The program is typically 16 weeks and requires 9 hours a week of group/individual therapy. This program is offered in person and via telehealth.

Outpatient Counseling


Location: 1900 Westridge Dr., Carlsbad, NM

Coverage: Medicaid; Medicare; Most commercial insurances.

We offer individual and group outpatient therapy. Our therapy options are diverse and tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, including all ages and a variety of mental health and substance use needs.

Therapy services are available to everyone to help address the challenges you face. Sliding Scale available with qualifying household income.

Weekly Group Therapy Options:

Anger Management Wednesday 5:30PM
The anger management group aims to teach effective anger management techniques, prevent violence or the potential for violence, enhance self-control in thoughts and actions, and provide a supportive environment for individuals to receive feedback and assistance.

Substance Use Group Therapy - Friday 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Participants learn and practice strategies to live healthier lives, build interpersonal skills, and reinforce and develop social support networks.

*For group therapy, please call to confirm the time and location.

After Care

After Care

Through our After Care program, individuals can maintain access to their peer support worker. These paraprofessionals offer ongoing guidance, motivation, and empathy for former Lifehouse residents. They can also serve as mentors, helping set and achieve goals, connecting individuals with community resources, and developing healthy coping mechanisms to prevent falling back into unhealthy habits.

MedLife_No Background.png

Our Primary Medical Care clinic, LifeMed, embodies Lifehouse’s holistic approach to care. We aim to meet patients where they are and provide flexible, patient-driven care to Lifehouse residents and the wider community. 


Call 575-725-5552 to make an appointment.

Family Empowerment Project

Family Empowerment Project

Under the guidance of our highly trained staff, the program equips families with education, resources, and support, empowering them to play an active role in their loved one's recovery journey. The program focuses on teaching effective communication, setting healthy boundaries, and offering meaningful support to loved ones, all while gently guiding them toward treatment.


7PM Every Wednesday

1900 Westridge Rd.

Rise Program

Rise Program

Lifehouse understands that substance use disorders can often lead to incarceration, and that's why they have partnered with Eddy County to provide peer-led classes in the Detention Center. These group classes are taught by certified peer support workers and focus on practical recovery skills that help inmates transition into daily life. The program also provides support and financial assistance for individuals leaving jail with basic needs. In addition, Lifehouse and Eddy County are working together to train correctional officers to better understand and deal with mental health and substance use issues. This training will provide transitional case management and support for inmates after release. The program is funded by a state grant with plans to expand.

Coverage Details

Commercial Insurances Accepted:

Coverage by program:

Athena Commercial

Allied Benefit Systems

Allwell Western Sky Medicare

Ambetter Western Sky Community Care

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Commercial

Beacon Options

CapRock Health Plans

Cigna Healthcare

Friday Health Plan


Medicare Railroad

Molina Healthcare of NM

Novitas/Medicare Part B

Presbyterian Commercial

True Health New Mexico

United Healthcare

Western Sky Community Care

Medically Monitored Detox: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances; state funding for most uninsured.

Residential Treatment: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances; state funding for most uninsured.

Sober Living: This service is self-pay and is not covered by insurance.

Intensive Outpatient: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances; state funding for most uninsured.

Outpatient Counseling: Medicaid; Most commercial insurances.

*Insurance coverage and program acceptance depend on the completion of the assessment by a Lifehouse behavioral health professional.

Coverage Details
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