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Job Discription

Qualifications for the position include but are not limited to:

include but not limited to: High School Diploma or equivalent, ability to pass drug test upon hire and random drug screenings thereafter. Hold Food Managers License with the State of New Mexico, or obtain within 30 days.


$12 per hour

Reporting Supervisor:

Kitchen Manager


Job description:

Follow proper guidelines for preparing, serving, and storing food, as well as proper cleanliness and sanitization procedures.



Follow guidelines for state requirements, Prepare food according to nutritional guidelines for diabetics and other dietary needs, Notify Kitchen Manager of supplies needing replenished, Prepare meals daily for all clients, appropriate staff, and others as directed by Kitchen Manager, Ensure cleanliness, sanitation, and proper food handling of all kitchen operations, Follow menu and recipe guidelines, Minimize waste, Must be able to lift 50 pounds. 


Employment Hours:

Varies Sunday through Saturday, 5am - 6pm  


Required training for Position:

HIPAA, Reporting, Boundaries, Cultural Awareness and Competency, Universal Precautions, CPI, Covid, other trainings as LifeHouse requests.

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