*Rules subject to change.

​House Rules

  • No drugs or alcohol use

  • No drugs or alcohol in possession, including drug paraphernalia

  • No mouthwash that contains alcohol

  • No smoking in house – Smoking only outside in designated area

    • Residents must have a plan for quitting smoking

  • Residents must be in rooms each night at 10 PM unless approved by house manager

  • Residents receive the privilege to have guests as outlined below:

    • No more than 2 guests over at a time

    • Guests must stay in public areas: (i.e., Living Room)

    • Guests hours are 9 AM to 9 PM

    • No guests may be in the house during group sessions or events

    • Guests must sign in and out before entering/leaving

    • Guests will be subject to search at anytime

    • Guests can be asked to leave by the director, or any team member, at any time

    • Any exceptions to guest policy must be approved by the director

    • No guests in room

  • No fighting or bullying

  • No threatening harm of any kind to other residents or anyone else

  • No weapons at house or in possession

  • No gang related activity or paraphernalia

  • No internet access at house (use the library if needed)

  • No gambling

  • No pornographic material

  • No inappropriate room decorations (at the discretion of director)

  • Note any suspicious activity, or concerns, to the director



Expectations of Residents


  • Participate in all group activities unless excused for work or illness

    • Excuses come from the director

  • Share in house chores as agreed on in weekly house meeting

    • cooking, cleaning, yard work, etc.

  • Keep personal room clean

  • Account for where you are at all times in sign in/sign out log

  • Support other residents

  • Participate in meetings 6 days a week, includes group meetings, church meetings, and recovery meetings

  • Respect the personal space and belongings of other residents

  • Pay personal share of food (evenly divided) and program fees ($500/mo) (Rates are subject to change)

  • Pay $500 upon entry, or pay 50%, or any money earned in first month up to $500.

  • Beyond the first month, any back payments should be caught up as soon as possible.

  • Each resident will open a personal savings account

  • Any extra funds will be saved in a bank account

  • Each resident will be responsible for maintaining a pass for public transportation when needed.

  • Maintain positive attitude in all activities

  • Each resident will maintain employment, or be pursing employment, at all times

  • Each resident is responsible for eating, preparing, and transporting themselves to work

  • Each resident will keep a record of hours worked at job and meeting activities

  • Residents will take a drug test at any time.

  • Residents’ rooms may be inspected at any time

  • Residents will be required to have a cell phone and must keep the phone with them anytime they are away from Lifehouse. Residents are responsible for keeping the phone charged at all times.

  • Residents are required to install the Life360 app, and keep location function active. so their location can be tracked.

  • Residents use of phone for non-program related activities may be restricted by house manager or director.

  • Residents will participate in 2 Life Skills sessions per month


Expectations of Members | Director | Board Members


  • Be respectful to residents and other team members

  • Be on time for meetings/appointments

  • Commitment to going to community meetings, and other appointments with residents




Guest and Extracurricular Activity Privileges


  • Complete Entry Tasks – No guests; No extracurricular activity until completed.

    • Schedule Doctor Appointment

    • Schedule Counsellor Appointment

    • Draft of Personal Goals

    • Draft of Plan to Quit Smoking

    • Schedule NMSU assessment

    • Get job (apply for minimum 7 per week when unemployed)

    • Set up Food Stamps

    • Set up Medicaid


  • Until Employed 40 hours per week – Guest and Extracurricular only on weekends with permission

  • Until Fees are caught up – Permission required for all guests and extracurricular activity

  • When employed, fees paid to-date, and no rule problems – permission is not required for guests or extracurricular activities in accordance with rules.

  • Any time unemployed for more than 2 weeks -- phone restricted to program purposes only.

  • If entry tasks are incomplete after 1 week -- phone restricted to program purposes only.

  • Permission from House Manager can appealed to director at Saturday Morning Meeting.

  • Can apply to board at board meeting (every other month).




Financial Policy


  • Lifehouse will cover all resident’s necessities until they are able to pay for their fees and necessities on their own as long as they are completing expectations of the program.

  • All resident income and money must go to program until fees are paid.

  • Fees are paid starting in the first month, and are due at the beginning of the month unless payment plan is approved by director.

  • Food stamps can only be spent on groceries on the grocery list determined at the Saturday House Meeting, unless resident has paid fees to date and covered all personal necessities.

  • Residents may have a vehicle only if their fees are up-to date, and they are able to afford all necessities, as well as maintain registration and insurance of vehicle.



Nicotine Policy


  • Residents must complete a written plan to quit nicotine in first week at Lifehouse.

  • Residents must make an effort to quit nicotine products.

  • After completing the written plan, Lifehouse will give residents up to 2 packs of cigarettes a week. The cost of these cigarettes must be paid back to the program for fees to be considered up to date.

  • Smoking is only allowed in the backyard a minimum of 10 feet from the door.

  • No hanging out in the front yard



Medication Policy


  • Medications must be kept in lockbox provided by Lifehouse.

  • Residents will dispense their own medications at approved times from the lockbox.

  • Residents must make house manager and director aware of any, and all medications, as well as any changes in medication.

  • Any medication changes must be approved by a medical professional.



Failed Instant Drug Test Policy

If residents fail an instant drug test, the test will be repeated within 30 minutes. If a false positive is possible and suspected, house residents may vote at the direction of the house manager, or director, to decide if resident can remain in house while results are confirmed by laboratory.

Director: Phil Huston – (575) 361-7503