Here at Carlsbad LifeHouse Inc., residents will join our program from an inpatient rehab facility. They will have the opportunity to create an individual life plan that will determine their goals and length of stay. The length of the program depends on the situation, and individual need. Residents will be provided with the support and skills they need to maintain sobriety and live a healthy life in all aspects.





A variety of services provided at LifeHouse include the following:


  • Safe, drug-free environment

  • Personalized treatment

  • Life Skills training in: Relationships - Nutrition - Parenting - Health - and more

  • Personal financial training in money management and budgeting

  • Spiritual guidance, prayer, and study

  • Accountability through a well-structured program, team support, and drug testing

  • Mentoring each week with an individual team mentor

  • Professional substance abuse counseling through AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, etc.

  • Employment and educational training





  • Housing - We will provide housing (6-8 residents.) Each individual will have their own furnished room. Residents will share a house, along with chores and responsibilities, to maintain the house.

  • Employment/Job Skills - Residents will be required to seek and maintain employment upon entrance to the program. They will receive training and mentoring in skills necessary to get, and maintain, employment. Residents will also be encouraged to seek educational opportunities for career development. LifeHouse will create relationships with local businesses to aid residents in finding, and maintaining, employment. 

  • Individualized Treatment/Exit Plan - Upon acceptance to the program, residents will be guided in setting goals for their time at LifeHouse, creating an exit plan which will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly. Length of stay is determined by progress on this plan.

  • Connection to Continuing Treatment - Residents will be required to participate in recovery programs, such as: Celebrate Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. Participation in individual and/or group counseling will also be required when available and covered by Medicare, or other insurance.

  • Individual Mentoring - Every resident at LifeHouse will receive a trained mentor for the entirety of their stay and beyond the program. The mentor will meet with the resident each week, providing guidance and an example of healthy life.

  • Life Skills - Residents will receive individual and group training on various life skills through community volunteers and existing service organizations. Topics will include: parenting, relationships, nutrition, shopping, hygiene, and health.

  • Financial Skills - Residents will receive individual and group training in personal finance. They will create a weekly budget with guidance from the LifeHouse team. Residents will use their time at LifeHouse to save money for financial stability upon completion of the program.

  • Spiritual Direction and Christian Community - Residents will participate in weekly group bible/book studies to help them grow in their faith. Residents will receive individual spiritual direction. They will be encouraged to participate in religious activities, and become active in the life of a local faith community. Residents will be required to participate in morning and evening prayers as a group.

  • Accountability - Residents will be subject to regular and random drug tests and room inspections. The LifeHouse team will regularly be in the houses to monitor. Residents that fail to comply with the rules and expectations of the program will participate in a corrective action process, or guided to another program to better meet their needs and situation.

  • Ongoing Community and Support - There will be a monthly gathering to bring together all of the residents, LifeHouse team/volunteers, and community supporters. LifeHouse will maintain communication with residents who have completed the program to provide ongoing support, and assess the success of the program. Former residents will be encouraged to seek help through LifeHouse whenever it is needed.



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