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Outpatient/Residential Clinician

Job Discription


Master’s Degree in Social work, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, or another related field.   


$45 – 75k depending on licensure level and experience LMHC, LPCC, LMSW, MSW, LADAC, LASA

Reporting Supervisor:

Executive Administrator 


Job Description: 

This clinician will provide evidence based outpatient counseling for a range of substance use and mental health challenges. This clinician will also provide individual and group therapy to Detox and RTC clients along with clinical team.



Working with individuals and/or families to: 

  • Monitor perceptions about, and adherence to, suggested treatment. 

  • Promote constructive self-reflection, helpful coping techniques, and nurturing relationships. 

  • Address concerns through talk therapy, and by modeling adaptive, sustainable behaviors. 

  • Devise tailor-made treatment regimens and adapt these, as needed. 

  • Record symptomology over time to ascertain the utility of interventions. 

  • Respond to acute changes in the patient’s physiological state. 

  • Committed to delivering culturally congruent treatment. 

  • Be empathetic, sensitive, and driven to foster healing. 

  • Promote patient and family involvement in assessment, treatment, education, and discharge planning. 

  • Stay warm, engaged, and receptive when working to facilitate healing. 

  • Write medical and suitable referral notes as required. 


Required Responsibilities: 

  • To be registered and able to practice as a licensed professional counselor in the state of NM, and other states if necessary. 

  • All notes and documentation will be completed in the EMR-Bear Program upon completion of the visit in a timely manner. 

  • Coordinates with community-based agencies to provide optimal levels of care post-discharge, and to maximize outcomes. 

  • Supervises and oversees Social Work students as necessary. 

  • Maintains requirements for licensure including CEUs. 

  • Performs all functions according to established policies and procedures, regulatory and accreditation requirements, as well as applicable professional standards. 

  • Maintains performance standards: Safety, Attitude Responsiveness, Communication, Comfort, Privacy Appearance, Teamwork, and Accountability. 

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