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Residential Treatment Assistant

Job Discription

Qualifications for the position include but are not limited to:

High School Diploma or GED, preferred Substance Abuse Field experience, customer relations experience, ability to pass drug test upon hire and random drug screenings thereafter.


$12.50 - $14.50 per hour

Reporting Supervisor:

Program Director 


Job description:

This position provides oversight, encouragement, and assistance to all inpatient clients by providing for their safety, security, direction, and inspiration. 




  • Visually and verbally monitoring residents, and reinforcing the rules and expectations of the Program. 

  • Provide appropriate redirection for clients as needed. 

  • Assisting residents with their daily assignments and routines. 

  • Sets appropriate healthy and therapeutic boundaries with clients. 

  • Inventory the personal property of all new clients as part of the orientation process. 

  • May be required to lift up to 50 pounds. 

  • Conduct room searches as requested. 

  • Conduct Emergency Safety Drills. 

  • Transport residents to all meetings, appointments, and outings as scheduled. 

  • Conduct 30-minute room checks during the graveyard shift. 

  • Conducting Education Groups as directed by the Clinical Staff. 

  • Presenting proper documentation of the client's routine and behaviors. 

  • Type accurate and professional communication log with summary of shift worked. 

  • Monitor family visits. 

  • Receptionist duties as requested by Clinical Staff. 

  • Answering and assisting with phone calls in a professional manner. 

  • Assemble charts, client assignments, client handbooks, as directed. 

  • Attend all RTA staff meetings, individual supervision meetings, and assigned training. 


Employment Hours:

Varies Sunday through Saturday, 8-hour shifts 


Required training for Position:

HIPAA, Sexual Misconduct, ASAM training, Reporting, Boundaries, Cultural Awareness and Competency, Universal Precautions, CPI, Covid, other training as LifeHouse requests.  
Optional training: First Aid/CPR, Mental Health First Aid, Med Tech training on Relias, CCSS or CPSW. 

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